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Who has never gone online to check information while making a purchase in a store?
Connectin-Store is an app which helps sales assistants to get a quick access to all the features required to offer the best experience in store. Connected to the ERP this application includes product information, order, delivery, CRM, stock management and many others features.

Outcome : app concept

Period : 2015 (4 months)

Context : Internship at Proginov

Skills : Service design, UX/UI design

*Some visuals above are just illustrations or small pieces of the real productions made during the project

The process

A quick overview of the main steps of the project. 


The project 

I have worked as a lead designer on this project during my end-of-studies internship at Proginov. The idea was to create an app to help sale assistants to be more efficient and confortable when assisting customers. One of our main goals was to think about ways to make the app adaptable for various brands with different products. 

Contextual inquiry & Users interviews

I observed sales assistants in different types of stores. It was very interesting to dive into the relation between customers and sellers. I realized non-directed interviews with sales assistants and customers and it gave me a lot of informations about customer's motivations to buy in store.


I started with a mindmap to brainstorm about the subject and be sure to cover a maximum of possibilities. I also looked at other applications from competitors to be sure to be aligned with the market and try to find a strategic opportunity. 


As a new part of the customer's experience in store, the visual part of the project was also very important. I needed to keep in mind that it was not only for the sales assistants but also for the customers. It was required to align the visual design to the standarts of the differents brands that could use the product.


Epics and features

Epics give us an overview of the features. It was helpful in our design decisions, to create and provide a useful user experience. In our case, epics were what user could do.

User task flow

I created a diagram that describes the interactions between sales assistant and customer with the product considering all touchpoints, all actors, and all actions and results.

connectin_photo01 copieconnectin_photo01 copie


We spent some time to work on the main page of the app as it was the most important and the most likely to have a very different content from one store/brand to another.
For example, we were aware that the number of categories wouldn’t be the same for every client we would have to work for.



The first adaptation of the product was for a famous French brand specialized in the sale of cooking products (decoration, tools, recipes, books, etc.).

Find the product for your customer

Thanks to the main categories it is easier to find a particular product or to have access and be able to compare same kind of products. The application could work on a touch tableand be used directly by the customers as a tool to find what he wants in the store.


Product’s details

When you click on a product, a pop-up window appears and allows you to have all the informations you need about the product. From this screen, the sales assistant is able to get all the information he may need to find the right product for his customer. Also he can modify or add informations directly into the database, to improve the next researches.

The stocks

When the right product is selected the sales assistant has a very quick and easy access to the stocks and his able to find the best way to deliver at the store or directly at the customer's address. 

But the customers could already have the product in their hands

Scan its barcode and get the informations you need.

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