iOS application & service

This project is a concept of connected and augmented lighter submitted to the S.T Dupont International Design Competition 2014. We worked in tandem (an interaction design student and an industrial design student) and proposed an app that confers new functions to the lighter.

Outcome : iOS app and lighter concept

Period : 2014 (2 months)

Client : S.T Dupont

Skills : a compléter

*Some visuals above are just illustrations or small pieces of the real productions made during the project

The contest

In 2014, it was the first edition of the S.T. Dupont International Design Competition and the subject of the contest was to imagine the next lighter of S.T Dupont collections. 


The lighter

To design the lighter, we had to understand the brand first and to take a closer look to the existing lighters. We decided to think about a new design/new lighter but to keep the essentials of Dupont. Also, we had to think about the fact that our main idea was to design a connected lighter.


Minimal & modern

We imagined the lighter as a monolith, a simple block 
in two pieces and a large range of materials to personalize it.

Modern & connected

As our goal was to give to the lighter a new fonction, our lighter gives to its users the possibility to receive notifications and text messages. Notifications are displayed by LED that are changing colors depending on the app that receives a notification. And finally, the text message are appearing on the side of the lighter, using Spritz.


From wireframes to high-fidelity designs

An app goes with it to manage your lighter’s settings and to make it yours and only yours. 
We started with sketches to define how the app could work and how many elements could be on each screen.