In a group of six students in Interaction Design, in partnership with a data visualization agency, we had to collect and analyze data about a critical debate: the construction of a new airport in France.

Outcome : website

Period : 2013 (1 week), redesigned in 2015

Skills : Information design, Developement

*Some visuals above are just illustrations or small pieces of the real productions made during the project

The process

A quick overview of the main steps of the project.


Understand the subject

The Aéroport du Grand Ouest Project is a planned new airport, to be situated in the north-west of France. The construction of the airport has met a strong opposition. Also various groups have set up numerous protest camps and squats around the area that will be build upon known as the "ZAD" (acronym of "Zone à défendre (fr)") which means zone to be defended in English.

How critical is the situation ?

Team organization

A very short workshop and a lot to do at the same time.

Which datas?

As this project creates a strong and violent opposition between the pros and cons, it is everywhere in the medias. That is why we decided to search for all press articles concerning the project.

Datas harvest and analyse

During the harvesting process, we had to start to classify datas. Due to the amount of datas we took a lot of time to select the good datas and to find all the informations for each of the article we found.


3 main steps / 3 softwares


We decided that the first thing to do was to inform about the pros and cons showing their names. Then, after analysing the datas we realised that even if the cons were against the project for environmental reasons, the pros were the first to use an «environmental» vocabulary. The goal of showing all of that was not to tell to the viewer what he should think, but to give him tools to make up his own mind about the debate.