iOS application & service

Outcome : iOS app concept

Period : 2013 (4 months)

Client : Orange

Skills : UX/UI design, Service design

The process


Stakeholders and users interviews

We did some non-directed interviews with users to define what type of information they needed. 

Contextual inquiry

We talked to users in Orange stores and realized that most of the time, they were coming to the stores to solve issues they could have solved online or with a simple call. 

Results of preliminary user research

After our initial research, we came to the conclusion that the existing customer service call center could be improved. As it was the first access to users’ mobile plan consumption and to many other actions, we listed all the different datas users had access to.

Journey map

orange brainstormingorange brainstorming

Epics and features



Sketches & Wireframes


Modular interface

User testing and client feedback drove us to produce a modular dashboard that users can personalize to match their needs.

A/B Testing

Motion & Animation


When we first worked on this project, we designed it for iOS 6 (2013). We then redesigned it for iOS9 (2015)