application & service

Ozyks is an app that allows its users to wear and share their digital identity. By sharing it, they can meet people who are in their immediate vicinity and who share the same interests. Ozyks is the result of my end-of-studies project in collaboration with David Bonachera (engineer student).

The project was carried by the EMIE LAB at MC100 (Shenzhen).

Outcome : app concept

Period : 2015

Context : End-of-studies Project

Skills : UX/UI design, Service design

The process


User research

All of the research was gathered in my Master Thesis « Wear your digital Identity. In the era of the mobile web, what about our digital identity? ».


As part of our research, we conducted a survey on 200 people between 16 to 60 years old. Here are some examples of the answers we received.

The challenge

Today, the digital world offers many possibilities to bring closer people that already know each other or to connect people with the same interests. But the basics of the meeting are linked to coincidence and luck, and to time and place. That is why our challenge was to use the advantages of the digital world to reinforce and simplify a physical meeting.



In order to keep a user-centered approach at all stages of the project, we did multiple focus groups and brainstorming. That really helped us understand which feature was needed. 


Initial wireframes and early flow. 

Watch wireframes

We selected only essential information and actions in order to transpose them on different watches. 


Ozyks App

Understand how the app works.

Ozyks’ news feed is a combination of strangers’ news in your immediate vicinity. These strangers could be people passing you on the street or sitting in the local bar where you are having a drink.



We thought about how Ozyks could work on different smartwatches: iOS, Android or without screen.